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Simplicity is the key to brilliance

Ignacio Hierro, Founder of Arica

  • Eco-friendly/Organic Eco-friendly/Organic
  • Fair Trade Fair Trade
  • Made in Europe Made in Europe
We are dreaming of endless summers, days swimming in the sea and nights spent at the beach. We are longing for a winter escape far away from our grey skies. Arica Brand is the friends-founded brand that catches the surfer spirit and brings us to the coast. With their cool looks that remind us of a mix of 90s subculture skatepark style and the long-haired Australian surfer boy or girl of our wavy dreams, Arica Brand creates special pieces that can easily be integrated in everyday life. Their T-shirts and sweatshirts feature colourful panthers, tropical palm trees, sharks, surfboards, safari themes, motorcycles and sunrises. With inspiring quotes like “Peace on earth and goodwill to all”, “Grow with gratitude” or “Good things come to those who wait” we are reminded of our mindful yoga classes that teach awareness, love for nature and consciousness. But Arica Brand does not only transmit the spirit of freethinking through their designs, the brand rather acts on it internally: Arica Brand is all about the peaceful co-existence of nature and humans. The goal of the brand is to create high-quality pieces that will accompany you through your life – whether you are a surfing teenager, a mom on a Harley or a granddad on skates. And, thus, only designs its pieces with eco-friendly materials and with nature in mind. Have a look at their pieces and discover the free-thinking traveler and adventurer in yourself!
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