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Whenever we are going on vacation, we are packing swimsuits, sunscreen, sandals, skirts and scarves to shield ourselves from the sun. But what is still missing from our holiday packing list is the ideal head covering. We just could not get around to wear knitted hats in summer or give our money to some fast fashion chain for a cute sun hat. However, now that we found Yosuzi, we know in what to invest before our next big vacation.
Yosuzi creates beautiful high-quality fedoras: The founder and eponym of her brand renders homage to her South American heritage by reviving the traditional craftsmanship of the Venezualian Guajiro tribe. With the help of her mother and the cooperation of the tribe leader, Yosuzi was able to establish a relationship with the craftsmen and -women who are creating the traditional Woma, a hand-wovan hat. The Woma are hats made from iraka palm straw with a special weaving technique that can only be found in the Guajiro tribe. Together with the local artisans, Yosuzi started to adapt the designs of the Woma so they would get a modern look. Simultaneously with the launch of the lifestyle and fashion brand, Yosuzi launched the ‘Woma Project’ – a project taking care of the artisanal development and education of the craftsmen and -women within the community. It helps protect the cultural heritage of the tribe while providing financial support and economic sustainability. Read more Read less
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"We are a lifestyle brand celebrating the native myths and cultures of South American tribes."

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The product portfolio encompasses more than just the traditional Woma hat, Yosuzi offers a great pallette of visors, bags and even key chains. But we like the brand and family story of Yosuzi so much, that we cannot get around of picking our favourite from the Woma hats. The Dakela hat is the perfect example for the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. It is hand-made from the soft iraka palm straw. The main hat is held in black and white while featuring beautiful and playful patterns. To turn the hat into a real eyecatcher, it is furnished with a colourful brim made from putumayo beads and pink pom poms. With this head, you will definitely be the queen of the beach!

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