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Why so serious? There is a world full of businesswomen and -men who have to adhere to a certain dress code: Costumes, suits, ties, high heels, dress shoes and white shirts dominate this branche. These dress codes mostly do not leave a lot of leeway for individualism and imagination. To add a little bit of fun to the mix, the fashion designer Sophia Castell-Rüdenhausen founded Vier Shoes. The German brand creates classic shoes with a twist. Boots and brogues with a perforated pattern. While from the far, they look like ordinary elegant dress shoes, they feature a little hidden joke in the form of the popular 80s PAC-man pattern.
The shoes are available in different materials, suede and smooth leather, and varying colours like cognac, black, maroon and brown. While betting on the highest quality of the materials, Vier shoes is also concerned for the art of craftsmanship. The smooth leather is French box calf skin tanned in du Puy. The suede material is made in the UK. And the production of the shoes happens in Portugal. The craft of shoemaking has been perfected by the little family-lead manufacturer in the European south guaranteeing long-lasting and high-quality leather products. All Vier shoes are created in handcraft with the most traditional and enduring technique for stitching shoes: Goodyear Welted. With the modern design twist also comes an innovation in production methods. In order to achieve the detailed PAC-man pattern, a laser cutter has been introduced into the manufacturing process. Read more Read less
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"At VIER shoes, we believe in timeless classics, in design and silhouettes, but we also believe it’s important to have a bit of least once in a while. Therefore, we design classic shoes, but always with a little something, a little extra, a little twist."

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The Arcade Wing boot in black enchanted us with its elegant yet minimalist lines, its classic look and surprising details. It is the ideal shoe for a day at the office that is later spent with friends in a restaurant and pub. Combine the shoe with a professional suit or a relaxed pair of jeans, it will turn your outfit into a sophisticated fashion choice!

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