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Some accessories cannot be missed in a man’s wardrobe – a pair of gloves, a good belt, some sunglasses, and a high-quality leather bag. The latter can change a whole look from relaxed to sophisticated, from adolescence to mature, from simple to refined. The ideal leather bag can turn a man into a gentleman – whether it is a travel bag, a briefcase, or a satchel. Tosso’s is creating exactly these kinds of bags: Beautiful items made from Italian calf leather.
Tosso’s bags are vegetable-tanned by hand in the Toscana, this enables the leather to develop a patina over time. Aging suits a Tosso’s bag like it suits a sophisticated man. Instead of betting on middlemen and big mark-ups, the German brand focuses on quality rather than big marketing and image campaigns. Following, the brand can offer fair prices while providing premium quality, even better than their competitors from the luxury segment. This quality is guaranteed by traditional craftsmanship and production processes evolving around hand-sewing. Within the family-owned saddlery manufacture, the know-how to ideally craft a leather bag is imparted from generation to generation. The natural processes ensure sustainability and fair working conditions as well as eco-friendliness. Read more Read less
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„We believe in timeless Designs & only the best italian craftsmanship that is here to stay and will always have its use for several generations!“

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The Fortis’ Duffle is a classic weekender and, thus, the ideal companion for a short trip. The bag is hand-crafted from Italian calf leather and features two strap lengths: Swing it over your shoulder or carry the duffle in your hands. The timeless design ensures that you will love the bag in your 30s as well as your 80s. A classic piece made to last a lifetime!

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