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tom àdam is a sustainable men’s underwear and swimshort brand. Based between Paris & Riga, the raison d’être is to create garments that allow ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. tom àdam’s collection consists of briefs, unisex boxershorts, swimshorts & hand-knitted sweaters.
Since the commitment to sustainable production processes, the tom àdam boxershorts are sewn from finest Italian fabrics and their swimshorts are made with recycled plastic found in the ocean. All of their garments are produced in Latvia. Personal relationships with the manufacturers allow tom àdam to closely oversee every stage of production. tom àdam’s design is immersed in minimalist aesthetics. The silhouettes are cleanly refined. They aim to find balance between natural textures and earthy colors, to make you love whatever you do and let you be yourself wherever you are. Read more Read less
Tom Adam sustainable fashion Berlin
Tom Adam buy underwear Berlin
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"tom àdam was born in 2015 in Paris with the purpose of creating sustainable men’s underwear and swimshorts that allow for ethics and aesthetics to co-exist. It is a friendship between me & my dad."

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