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Our fascination for tape art lies in the combination of endless creative possibilities and the natural limitations that one has to deal with while working with tape. We are constantly challenged and inspired by the different characteristics of this medium, and the ways in which it influences our creative process. It is important for us to always involve the surrounding environment when creating each piece, thus ensuring a unique expression that fits within its context. Some of our artworks are simplistic and minimal, while others consist of intricate and complex structures.
Being a young art form, most people are surprised (sometimes even sceptical) when they first get in contact with tape art. Time and time again, this surprise turns into amazement when the bits and pieces come together and people see the finished artwork. Read more Read less
Tape That Berlin artist collective founder
Tape That Berlin artist collective incredible art piece
Tape That Berlin incredible artist collective
We create artworks from all kinds of adhesive materials.

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