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Female entrepreneurs have it hard enough – whether they have to deal with less salary than their male colleagues, the assumption of them wanting kids or stereotypes going hand in hand with their period, their lipstick, or their cleavage. In the traditional male-dominated office- and management-jobs, being a woman oftentimes comes with a disadvantage. This is why Si Beau started to make elegant but professional work clothes that you don’t have to think about twice.
Instead of focusing on a schism between looking too much like a “man” and too effeminate, between too powerful and too approachable, or between too stuffy and too slutty, you can now focus on your work. Si Beau creates beautiful pieces for working women that want to feel comfortable and themselves in their outfit and skin. With Si Beau, instead of wasting time on picking your next look for the big conference, the project pitch, or after-work drinks, you will only need a minute for slipping into the look. The Si Beau design principles are three-folded. Firstly, they bet on fair price: By cutting out middlemen and huge mark-ups, Si Beau keeps the price tag low. Secondly, the workwear brand is all about a fair production process: Great quality, made in Europe by happy workers while guaranteeing a transparent cost-break down and supply chain. Thirdly, Si Beau focuses on the combination of function and aesthetics: Because you should never feel a tweak at your workplace, the label sourced the most comfortable fabrics they could find. You can even take a flight overseas without being incommodious due to the stretch amount of the fabric, the anti-pilling-, anti-smell- and anti-wrinkling effects of the Si Beau items. And the comfort does not stop when undressing – you do not even have to go to the cleaner’s, you can easily wash everything at home. Wear Si Beau everywhere you want to feel confident in your skin! Read more Read less
Si beau business wear shopping women
Si beau business women
Si beau sustainable female suits
"Focus on your life instead of what you wear."

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The Hypatia jump-suit is the perfect example of the Si Beau philosophy. It is an elegant piece emphasizing your femininity while being elegant and professional. The minimalist cut features a wrapped top that reminds us of a Kimono and a feminine bow while the bottom part is made from a pair of trousers with a relaxed fit. It allows full mobility and flexibility while avoiding a sporty look and feel. A beautiful piece you can wear to big meetings, on business trips, and even weddings. All while not having to think more than one minute about the whole look.

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