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Finca Ses Talaioles is located in the foothills of the Llevant mountain in eastern Mallorca, Spain. Thanks to a unique terroir, the focus is simple: Producing outstanding premium red wines! Discovered by chance in the year 2000 by the Dutch-German de Waal family, this sleeping beauty was kissed into life and soon began to reveal its enormous potential.
Driven by the firm conviction that wine of the highest quality could be produced at Ses Talaioles, Vintner, Bernd Philippi from the Palatinate region of Germany, who is renowned for his penchant for authentic wine, was appointed as spiritus rector. This formed the beginning of a magical journey. Read more Read less
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"There is farmer's blood flowing in my veins, and I immediately recognized that this sacred land was destined for more than the simple cultivation of almonds and chickpeas."

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