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Who else is doing their daily yoga routine to keep a sane mind and get some digital detox? By focusing on our body and breath, we can experience some calm within our hectic everyday lives. It grounds us as it elevates us at the same time. While yoga can be an amazing workout it is a deep relaxation for your mind and muscles. Applying the yogini-philosophy might even impact your relationships, work, and overall attitude towards life. This is where Pama London comes into the equation: It is a sustainable brand made to empower healthiness and strength.
The brand creates activewear that combines functionality with ethics. Pama London uses eco-friendly materials and fair production methods in Portugal without harming our environment. Timeless design with a high-quality approach makes the label’s pieces so desirable: They are made to last and love. For the moon & star collection, Pama London uses Econyl. A high-performance fabric made from ocean waste. All other products are made from sustainable materials such as recycled bamboo and organic cotton. For your balance, Pama London created the Chakra collection, symbolizing the seven energy fields in our body. By practicing your yoga in Pama London’s sustainable and ethical designs, you will be able to find your inner goddess. Read more Read less
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"We believe that sustainable fashion should be accessible to everyone."

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The sustainable and ethical production of Pama London is just one reason why we love the brand’s activewear so much. Its high quality, affordability, and stability are three more. But the main reason why we are big fans of Pama London is its minimalist but unique design. The ‘Throat Chakra Energy’ bra is made in a light blue representing purity and truth. Its two thick straps are providing optimal support while moving. And a beautiful golden chakra sign is printed in the middle of the bra’s band. This yoga bra’s colours and details are so beautifully made that it’s almost too precious to wear it under your shirt!

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