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When the first cableless chargers came onto the market, the hearts of aesthetic-lovers gasped of relief. Another gasp came when Oakywood entered the tech-industry with visual-pleasing but functional products. The Polish company continues with traditional wood craftsmanship and knowledge that is usually passed from generation to generation but gives it a modern twist by focusing on technical items. With modern and hand-crafted wood gadgets, Oakywood combines the old and the new, the traditional and the modern, the aesthetical and the functional.
The founder of Oakywood, Mateusz Haberny, learned everything he needed from this father – a carpenter who taught his two sons the art of woodworking when they were still children. The journey started with Mateusz visualising and realising a wooden iPhone docking station. Empowered by the success of his first product, he started to enlarge his brand’s portfolio and founded Oakywood with the help of his brother. The siblings now are leading an international online store for well-designed wooden accessories. The brand relies on an environmentally friendly and sustainable approach in production. The family business is located in the Polish region Podhale. The manufacturer works with all-natural and ecological materials provided within a responsible supply chain. Especially important for Oakywood, is the high quality of the wood to create durable products that will last a long time. While the oak used is obtained from Poland, the brand’s walnut wood comes from America. Additionally, Oakywood is working with cork from Portugal, ecological oil and merino wool felt. And for every product that is purchased, Oakywood will plant a tree with the mission being to reforest the planet! Read more Read less
"Our company mission is to provide the world with exquisite, unique wooden accessories and wooden decor that is not only aesthetically pleasing."

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Oakywood’s product portfolio became huge: Besides docking stations, you can find headphones and laptop stands, airpod and smartphone cases, pen holders, mousepads, coasters, planters, and even wooden world maps. But our favourite is still the QI wireless charger. It is insanely practical: Just put your phone on the wooden tray and watch its battery charge. You can easily grab it and walk away for a call. No inconvenient plugging and unplugging! Its sleek geometrical look even doubles as an accessory for your desk. The perfect gift for your workaholic friends of yourself!

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