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While half of our population menstruates, the topic oftentimes is treated as a red flag. What many people do not understand is that menstruating is the most natural thing – it even is the signifier of life and the reason you are alive now. nevernot is a soft tampon brand from Berlin fighting the taboo around the period. By talking about the period in an open and edutaining way, the two founders Katha and Anna, are breaking stereotypes while on their way to normalizing menstruation.
All of their messages are the embodiment of female empowerment but one stands out: “Not all people who menstruate are women. And not all women menstruate.” For a tampon brand, this is a completely new way of marketing. Conventional hygiene product producers are usually and exclusively targeting women. nevernot, however, is a step ahead. With their belief-driven brand direction, they are turning the unusual into the hit of the bull’s eye. Their Instagram account is gaining a loyal following with beautiful campaigns featuring transmen and women, sex workers, and boss-bitches. But besides Anna and Katha being the heroines of our red, wet dreams, what makes nevernot so special? nevernot is not just any tampon brand, it is a soft tampon brand. The sponge can easily be inserted like any other tampon but its special powers are its lack of the little blue thread and its softness. The nevernot tampon is unnoticeable while wearing which makes activities like swimming, riding, even, and especially sex super comfortable. They are guaranteeing absolute mobility and bleeding-safety – for a more comfortable period! Read more Read less
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"Not all people who menstruate are women, and not all women menstruate." nevernot aims to develop menstrual products keeping in mind not only women but all people who menstruate.

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Since nevernot just launched at the end of last year, its product portfolio is still quite small. Meaning, nevernot sells soft tampons and nothing more. But this, they are doing in perfection. You can choose between three boxes containing different amounts of tampons. For starters, we recommend the sixpack. You can try the tampons at home, in the spa, while doing yoga and for meeting your partner – after having been convinced, you will buy the XL bundle. We promise. Every pack even comes with cool stickers and with a candy-like look that will make you want to display your little saviours on your office desk!

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