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One new year’s resolution was to buy less cheap and trendy products but instead invest in timeless high-quality essentials that are long-lasting. Milk Cashmere makes it especially easy for us to follow through: The Portuguese company, founded by Melanie Costa Leite, creates beautiful knitwear made from the best European materials. The brand’s designs are hand-made with 100 percent Italian cashmere – whether it is the seamless dress in a classic beige, the elegant short sleeve top, or the red cable knit jumper. Even socks and baby blankets are manufactured from premium material. Only natural and sustainable fabrics are used to create the Milk cashmere clothing items.
The label does not chase trends, it rather bets on the timeless design you will still love when you have grown old. Instead of owning 100 pieces you never wear, the Milk cashmere approach is to buy five pieces you will wear all the time and love forever. Especially when you will have in mind that the craftsmen and -women, as well as the cashmere goats, have been treated ethically and fairly. Milk Cashmere sets an example against fast fashion – the brand’s approach is mindful, honest, and slow. Sustainable and elegant clothing that has the environment in mind! Read more Read less
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"A small touch of kindness."

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One wardrobe staple is a classic, high-quality cashmere sweater in a neutral colour, like white, black, grey, or beige. The Violet Jumper by Milk Cashmere has an oversized fit, which makes it super comfortable to wear in- and outside but also gives it a modern and cool look. The cable weaving gives the jumper a structure that shows off the skills of the artisans working on the special piece. It is made from 100 percent cashmere and sustainably produced in Portugal.

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