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Did you ever write ‘highly-organised’ in your cover letter, even though your desk looks like Berlin’s streets at rush hour? Do you keep forgetting your charger at home and keep losing your headphones? With the Mantidy gaucho rolls in your life, you will be able to own the skill section in your CV and become the most organised version of yourself. The gaucho rolls – whether tech or grooming – are organisers for whatever you need by your side at all times. They come as beautiful leather or cotton items and are either filled with your everyday essentials or as a blank canvas. What started as the wish to oppose today’s traveling problems with an aesthetical pleasing organisational tool, became Mantidy.
The London-based brand is known to combine design with function to create useful but beautiful pieces for the modern man. Whether you like to travel or just want to bring some order into your study or bathroom, Mantidy is the ideal fix. The leather- and cotton-pieces appeal to gentlemen ( and -women) as well as globetrotters alike. With two different collections, the Herringbone collection for the more elegant and sophisticated lifestyle, and the Gaucho collection, for the modern cowboy, Mantidy hits our zeitgeist’s bullseye. But not only the concept of Mantidy is up-to-date, but also the label’s production methods are: The cowhide-leather used for the items is safely vegetable-tanned without harming nature. Additionally, Mantidy’s production is hand-crafted by a small family business that works with no-waste-approach and environmentally-friendly raw materials. By being a part of the GREAT Women initiative, Mantidy preserves traditional and artisanal craftsmanship while providing underprivileged women in the Philippines with fair working conditions and income. Read more Read less
"The original idea was to solve a modern-day annoyance via well-designed stylish, creative pieces. This has now rolled into almost every aspect of modern-day life.”

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The product portfolio of Mantidy grew a lot since the launch of the brand, besides tech- and manicure-sets it now contains wallets, passport holders, dog walking sets, slippers, and even a cheese and wine roll including a set of cheese knives and a corkscrew. But the main product still is the gaucho roll. We are in love with the dark green tech roll with herringbone structure. It is a timeless and helpful piece that makes our lives a lot easier. The filled version contains a power adaptor, earphones, a charger, a power bank, and a flash drive, both usable with iOs or Android devices. It is the perfect little helper for every day and doubles as the ideal present for your loved ones!

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