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We all know this situation: We dressed up, felt great in our skin and shoes, but after a couple of hours walking on high heels, not only our feet started to hurt but everything else became unbearable. Who has hurting feet, often finds the tiniest challenge impossible. No wonder, the shoe slowly was replaced by sneakers and boots in most social areas. Now, we are only wearing heels to special occasions, like weddings, parties or anniversaries. But what if there was a cure for the problems coming with high heels while keeping the same appeal and elegant look to it?
The German brand Maison Baum found it! After countless hours and four years of research and testing, Christof Baum, the shoe engineer, and his father, an orthopedist, found a solution to the problem. Christof founded his own high heel company specializing in comfort. He invented and patented a special footbed that would not hurt the feet by distributing the bodyweight of its wearer equally onto the whole foot. In 2018, Christof Baum’s invention was matched with the French fashion expert Sophie Tréhoret: Maison Baum was born and the first two models, Aphrodite and Ambrosia, came into the world. After more than two years on the market, they now can report a high amount of happy customers and positive reviews. Maison Baum changed the way we are wearing high heels: Your feet will never have to hurt again! Maison Baum’s production process is conducted in a family-manufacture in Portugal while the leather is obtained from Italy. This guarantees adherence to environmental and social principles. Additionally, Maison Baum bets on a made-to-order approach to prevent overproduction and make sure the products are worn and loved by their customers. Read more Read less
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"You can have it all. Our heels will take you to anything, everywhere!"

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We are a big fan of the little black one – whether it is a dress or a high heel. The Ambrosia model has a ten-centimeter heel and a V-shaped toecap. The shoe is elegant minimalism and fits every age and occasion. You can easily wear these shoes in the office, for a dinner with friends or to the next wedding. Hand-made from super soft goatskin leather, the shoe is a timeless essential to every wardrobe.

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