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Within the last couple of years, the trend for natural cosmetics has grown a lot. People are starting to question the ingredients and production methods of commercial products. Also, Luise Grebbin and Jasmin Windisch wanted to know exactly what their favourite creams and exfoliators contained. When not satisfied with the answer, the two best friends from Gotha in Germany decided to found their own beauty company and it should revolve around the rose. Their products should be free from parabens, silicones, paraffin, palm fat, and microplastic. Additionally, the two women take a stand against animal testing. They even opened their production facility in Germany.
What started with the Love Rose, quickly became an internationally recognized natural beauty brand. They now sell glow tonics, beauty cleansers, an eye, and daycare cream. Even T-shirts, jumpers, sustainable cleansing pads, fragrance candles, and room scents made it into their palette. With Love Rose Cosmetics, you will not need any makeup anymore to glow! Read more Read less
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Love Rose Cosmetics started with their famous beauty rose, a 2in1 peeling and mask. It is hand-made in Thüringen and comes without any plastic packaging. With shea butter and argan oil, it deeply cleanses the skin and nourishes it. Jojoba wax and vitamin E will supply your skin with valuable nutrients, they will even slow down your aging process. The power ingredient is the camu camu berry, which is a real vitamin C wonder and an antioxidant. The result is younger-looking, more elastic, rosy skin that glows. The rose-shaped beauty product turns into a creamy mask when being used with water. Just move it over your face in circular motions and rinse off after three minutes. You will directly recognize a new glow!

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