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Since founding the jewelry label LLR Studios in their home town Hamburg in 2018, the sisters Lena and Luisa Rotetzki’s unique style has manifested itself in luxurious, handcrafted designs that follow one set of goals: to become timeless, unique favorites which shine with understated grandeur.
As children, nothing delighted them more than to surround themselves with their grandmother's collection of precious jewels. This is where their inspiration comes from to not only connect the past and present but also to celebrate the inner value of jewelry which they create as a gesture of love. Theirs is a world where baroque pearls meet cool link chains and herald a new age in jewelry. The materials must adhere to high standards in sustainability and quality. All designs for their jewelry are elaborately handcrafted and "Made in Germany“. Read more Read less
LLR Studios made to order jewlery necklace earring
LLR Studios made to order jewlery gold necklace
LLR Studios made to order jewlery founders
"A piece of jewelry is not a fast fashion accessory - but rather a sign of love and attention."

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