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Even though it is 2021 and fair fashion arrived amid our society, sustainability within the realms of fashion has to struggle with a lot of stereotypes: Sustainable fashion is too expensive, it is not trendy, and does not feel great on one’s skin. Lanasia, a German swimwear brand, breaks with all these prejudices by making comfortable, fairly-priced, and above all sexy bikinis and bathing suits.
Their designs are timeless and elegant pieces that can be worn by women of every age and shape. Lanasia embarks on a mission to bring a confident and empowering body-image to the world of swimwear while betting on sustainability. Slow fashion turned sexy! Founded in 2018 by the sisters Anna-Sophia and Lisa-Maria, Lanasia focuses on the sustainable swim- and sportswear that is created in harmony with nature. This is why their designs are made from recycled plastic materials, Econyl and Repreve, that have been made of ocean waste. By investing in the long-living pieces made by Lanasia, you can help clean our environment from plastic and PET. Additionally, it is important to Lanasia that every worker within their supply chain is fairly paid and social causes are supported. Read more Read less
Lanasia fair trade activewear
Lanasia sustainable clothing
Lanasia sustainable active wear
"Two sisters proving that sustainability can be sexy!"

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We are big fans of the unique Lanasia bikinis, but since 2021 is putting a spoke into our vacation-wheels, we found a new favourite: The Anni Fitness bra and leggings. Every morning, before starting our home office day, we love to take a little bit of time for ourselves by doing yoga or going for a quick run at the canal. The Anni Fitness bra and leggings are, thus, the first thing we are putting on in the morning and they are the ideal companions to start right into the day. Both are made from recycled fabrics and feature a beautiful grey material. With its two straps, the bra gives us that sexy Lanasia feeling while its fabric supports our body ideally!

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