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While sports are a really big part of the lives of most of us, we are still working out with unaesthetic low-quality, plastic equipment – whether it is in the studio or at home. And at least since 2020, the year of the pandemic and closed gyms, we require home workout equipment to accompany our youtube and app training sessions. So why not invest in sport’s equipment that is of high quality, durable, and long-lasting as well as an interior highlight?
Andreas Bachmann and Fritz Grospietsch of Kenko asked themselves the same question and their answer is a collection of wooden sport’s equipment pieces. Their design is minimal, elegant and naturally unites with its function. Kenko is reduced completion in form and function and, thus, upgrades every fitness- or living room. In times where everyone celebrates a completed workout by dedicating an Instagram story to it, Kenko is the perfect addition to your social media feed. With the Kenko approach to rely on natural materials such as cork or wood, the German brand hits the 21st-century mark. That is why their showroom looks more like a gallery than a shop and their designs remind us of art sculptures rather than dumbbells, kettlebells, and push up bars. The aesthetic quality of the pieces is recognized by renowned hotels, spas, and gyms worldwide. In 2019, Kenko cooperated with the design and architect firm Matteo Thun & Partners to take on the interior design of Elle Magazine’s Grand Hotel’s wellness and gym space within the Palazzo Morando in Milan. Read more Read less
"High quality sports equipment that won't stick out amongst your minimalist home decor."

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To get to know Kenko better, we are recommending the SET A – either in maple or walnut. While it looks like a sculpture of your newest favourite artist, it is the perfect starter set for everyone that is a regular home workout athlete. It is great for everybody who likes to work with their body weight but needs to add a little bit of variety to their training. The set comprises a set of one kilogram dumbbells, one double expander and a massage ball. Become the best version of yourself with this full-body workout set while beautifying your flat!

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