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Did you know that Berlin once was the fashion and lifestyle capital of Europe? In the 20s and before the war, Berlin set the trends and people from all over the world pilgrimaged to the German metropolis to experience its style and nightlife. In 1856, the piano maker Joachim Friedrich Schwarzlose founded a pharmacy close to the Gendarmenmarkt. Two of his sons, Kurt and Max, then left the main business to find their own path: Specializing in the creation and production of fragrances.
In 1895, they even took over the renowned Berlin-based perfume factory Treu & Nuglisch. The Schwarzlose creations started to gain popularity in Germany but then quickly fostered awareness across multiple continents. The success of the company was stopped with the rise of the Nazi regime. Only in 2012, the perfume label experienced a renaissance and turned back to take up their past prosperity. Véronique Nyberg and Lutz Herrmann are now the heads of Schwarzlose. Together they revived the scents and added a modern twist to them. Véronique is the perfumer and uses her olfactory know-how and creativity to combine the old with the new and Berlin with the rest of the world. Lutz takes on the creative direction by relying on his flacon-design skills and gives the fragrances a completely new, elegant and timeless look. Additionally, J. F. Schwarzlose bets on the concept of localisation. Because within the perfume industry most ingredients have come a long way and have been shipped through the whole world, the Berlin-brand opposes these environmentally-harming habits. Whether it is the packaging, the flasks or the ingredients for the perfume itself – it all comes from Germany or Europe. Selected perfumes made in Germany! Read more Read less
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"We aim to create fragrances that function like a mirror for modern Berlin."

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Scents are a very sensual and, thus, a very individual and personal thing. This is why it is very hard for us to pick a fragrance. Personally, we love the odour of RAUSCH. It is supposed to capture Berlin’s nightlife inspired by a long night at Berghain. Cypriol, patchouli and vanilla are united with red pepper to form a dangerous and stimulating olfactory experience.

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