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To feel comfortable in your own home has never been more important than in the year 2020. This newly-found focus on the combination of interior and wellbeing moved into our homes with DIY decoration projects, banana-bread-baking, bubble baths, and scented candles. While some of these things might be recognized as a trend, we think the overall tendency is here to stay. With more and more time spent at home, our very own four walls have become a refuge, thus, investing in it is the logical next step. With I/TEMS candles, you are not only inviting a cozy light into your place but also a welcoming scent. Turn your home into an oasis with a beautiful selection of I/TEMS candles.
The founders of I/TEMS, Zornitsa, Natalia, and Sara, are creating scented candles based on their memories. While the one loves a rainy summer walk, the other feels most comfortable when smelling Grandma’s freshly baked cookies and the third one loves to breathe in the salty wind of the sea. Whether you like rose, lavender, black vanilla, fig leaves, or sandalwood – I/TEMS will help you find the perfect odour for your home. The Bulgarian label closely works with a family-owned fragrance house in Grasse, France. The traditional enterprise with a long-standing tradition manufactures scents perfectly matching the ideas of the three Sophia-based women. In combination with vegetable wax and their stylish and reusable cans, the candles can turn every place into a new olfactory experience. Read more Read less
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"We create candles with artisanal fragrances that become the soul of your home."

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Scents are a very personal, intimate, and subjective thing – so you might like something completely different than we do. But from an aesthetical as well as an olfactory standpoint, we fell in love with the capsule collection. The collection encompasses three different scents in three different colours. Our favourite is the classical black vanilla odour, which brings a certain warmth into our minimalist apartment. The black clay container is a real eyecatcher while the sweet scent catches the attention of our nose.

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