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Who else is always on the lookout for the perfect overhead light but just cannot make a good find? No matter how hard we were searching, we were always a little bit disappointed by the offers on the lamp market – until we found Berlin-based brand Gant Lights. The company has an architectural element, which makes it particularly interesting for interior-lovers.
The raw but refined optic of the Gant Lights pieces causes a cool breach of styles and materials: Concrete is paired with copper, wood is matched with stone and marble meets stainless steel. We can find triangular hanging lamps in beautiful colours like mint, lemon, or salmon. Who likes it more minimalist and clean can always draw on the natural grey hues of the concrete materials. All Gant Lights product’s parts are made in Germany – even the packaging. At the beginning of the label’s journey, Stefan Gant, the founder of Gant Lights, created each piece in handcraft but quickly enlarged his network to local manufacturers and handicraft businesses. Every piece is hand-crafted in Berlin and, thus, eco-friendly and fairly produced. Each piece has a certain uniqueness to it. This is why we love the Gant Lights, they are ideal to enlighten your home with a special look. Read more Read less
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Gant Lights special unique handmade independent design
Gant Lights special unique handmade berlin stores
"We create a stunning aesthetic contrast through experimental forms and highly contrasting materials such as raw concrete and gold."

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Since we were looking for the ideal fit for our big wooden dining table, our product-pick is the long pendant lamp made from stainless steel and light grey concrete. Its modern and industrial look is the perfect addition to our typical Berlin “Altbau” kitchen. The rectangular lamp works well over a communal table, shining a completely new light on top of our favourite dishes and the hands of our best friends and dinner guests. Whether you like to order a Gazzo pizza, cook some Ottolenghi recipe, or bake the obligatory banana-bread, the pendant lamp will present your culinary experiences in the proper light.

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