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Francis Stories is the high-quality, ethical knit-wear brand taking care of your coziness-cravings. With its comfortable and soft materials, the label creates beautiful garments made from alpaca, wool, cashmere, silk, organic cotton, and angora. The outstanding quality of the timeless designs guarantees years of usage while the minimalist and elegant look guarantees that you will want to wear it for years to come.
The São Miguel-based company bets on all-natural fibers and sustainable production. The label’s ethical production is locally based in Portugal while the wool is made in Italy. This ensures fair working conditions for every craftsman and -woman working on the Francis Stories collection. The welfare of the animals is guaranteed by the ‘Sustaina Wool Integrity Program’ and the traceability of the products is provided through the ‘Traceability & Fashion’ certificate. Additionally, Francis Stories is refraining from using harmful chemicals because their founders believe in the biodegradability of their products and are looking out for nature. Read more Read less
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"We work each day to create high-quality garments that last for years, while being committed to producing with a deep respect for workers, animal life and nature."

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We are in love with all of the cardigans, sweaters, scarves, vests, shirts, coats, and jackets created by Francis Stories. But our absolute favourite is the Louise Alpaca blend sweater in beige. It is made from alpaca and the superfine wool won when shearing a lamb for the very first time. It has a thickened crew neck and a boxy fit, which gives the jumper a very cool and relaxed look. The chunky aesthetic is intensified by the loose fit. It is the perfect staple for cold and rainy days and can be worn by everyone – whatever gender, age, or whichever occasion.

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