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We first discovered Daniela through her beautiful illustrations on Instagram. We met her later for an interview about her multifaceted work within the realms of art and creative direction in the summer of 2020. The creative art director and graphic designer gave us insights into her schedule as a freelancer, she revealed her love for rebranding tech start-ups and told us that she is craving a simpler life. But first and foremost, she gave us insights into her creative mind. With a CV entailing adidas, Zalando, Mac Cosmetics, Vica, Diesel, Acne Studios and Junique, Daniela Roessler is at the forefront of her field of work. She creates beautiful campaigns, fonts created from scratch, identities around brands and even breathes life into stationary and children’s books. We loved her fun, happy and kind of quirky style, so we asked Daniela to create a range of exclusive posters just for Freiraum.
With her triune series of illustrations ‘We are made of memories and water’, the illustrator and designer taps into a new mysticism, a Gen Z spirituality. She describes the pictures as “Scenes of a dreamscape where one can live, dream, and simply exist.” Something we all long for in the times where lockdowns, distancing and hygiene concepts are a part of the everyday conversation. Daniela Roessler creates a dream world in which we can flee when the normal world is too much for us. She uses a warming gold, a cheerful orange as well as bold pink and lilac hues. Move with us through the beautiful foreign landscape where it seems like earth’s gravity is not able to reach you. Hanging one or all three of these images in your home, will bring a little bit of this utopian dream world into your four walls. It will turn the bathroom into your very own oasis, the kitchen into the life of the house and your bedroom into your wonderland. Get yourself some colour and phantasy to wake up with every morning and pimp your social media accounts with cool, new interior inspiration.
“I like thinking and making. I love creating visual stories and collaborating with other amazing creative minds who are at the top of their craft. I love the creative challenge to create something new.”

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