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If you appreciate a good drink, like we do, we are sure you already stumbled across the term “London Dry Gin” – it is one of the most common kinds of gin but also quite regulated. While the term does not have to imply the origin from the British capital, it comes with a minimum amount of alcohol of 37,5 percent, the premise of plant-based alcohol and the exclusion of subsequently added aromas or sugars. The description comes with a promise of a high quality. Thus, when mixing your favourite gin-drink and the recipe instructs you to use “London Dry Gin” it does make a difference if you think of resorting to another kind of gin. The Daisy Gin promises an even better quality: It is organic London dry gin!
In the North of Cologne, within the court of an old carpentry and within the community of nine families sharing their lives, the literal Schnapsidea (= wet idea) to make their own gin was born. The founders of Daisy Gin wanted their gin to be enjoyable without any tonics or lemonades. Another important factor for them was the organic approach. All ingredients were supposed to come from certified organic cultivation. What started in 2015 as a very personal story with only 200 bottles of gin for friends and the grown-up members of the family, quickly “sold out” after only one month. Not only the mentioned friends and family wanted to get their hands on the organic gin but also acquaintances, starred chefs and experts within the gin-field required their share. The small project, thus, became bigger and bigger, resulting in a professional path for Arno and Peter, the founders of Daisy Gin. A bigger batch was created and with that a brand came to life. Now, Daisy Gin can even be purchased in Hong Kong! But what makes the small gin brand so special? Its taste and its commitment to nature and environment! With goji berries the gin gets a fruity note, while the contained orange blossom provides an elegant scent. The nutmeg blossom, on the other hand, brings a taste of pepper and nut into the mix. But the most important ingredient, as the name of the gin suggests, is the daisy, which earths the taste. For the base, organic grain and high-quality wild or organic herbs are used. The gin is made by hand within a traditional family enterprise close to Cologne. Read more Read less
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"Daisy Gin – handcrafted with love and passion."

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We love to drink the Daisy Gin on its own to bring into effect its extraordinary taste. In summer, we like to add a couple of ice cubes, and enjoy a super cold sip of the organic London Dry gin. Who loves to mix an original drink, can add some tonic, lemonade, sparkling water, fresh herbs or sirup to the gin. But keep in mind that the gin best deploys its aromas when enjoyed on its own.

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