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The Café Leather Supply philosophy is based on three pillars: the search for authenticity, a passion for the small details, and respect for things well made. Café is their way of understanding life expressed through authentic products. Products made by the best artisan hands from Ubrique (Spain) and with the best raw materials.
The brand was created by extremely curious people fixated on delighting exquisitely authentic customers. Their belief is not in pretty products with scheduled obsolescence. Rather they are passionate about anything likely to be passed down, at Café they love heritage. Authenticity and the concept of slow cooking, represent them, that’s why they love each and every one of Specialty Coffee processes. Artisanal and respectful from start to finish, just like them.
"Be Authentic, Stay Curious. Handcrafted Premium Leather Goods, 100% Vegetable Tanned Leather."

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