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A little bit of NORA in my life. A little bit of SOPHIE by my side. A little bit of ZOE is all I need. A little bit of ALESSA is what I see. What sounds like a hit song from 1999, actually is our AGNEEL wishlist.
The Berlin-based luxury brand for leather bags creates high-quality it-pieces that stand the test of time, fit every occasion and match all ages. The timeless pieces designed by Yesim Karaman come in different colours, shapes, materials, with individual names and without big logos or on-the-nose branding. Instead of fast-paced collections, the Berlin brand bets on seasonless designs. You can even adjust the bag’s leather straps in order to wear it as a hand- oder crossbody-bag – it basically grows with you and your needs. AGNEEL offers your favourite model in basic colours like cappuccino, black and white or, for the bold ones, in green with golden hardware, pink leather with crocodile embossing or light blue velours leather. While the handbag NORA is the signature piece of the label and convinces with classic shapes, ZOE is a mini-scale and bolder model. But what unites all AGNEEL designs is their compatibility of function and style – they are your daily companion, your highlight for a special night or your knight in gold or silver hardware. But AGNEEL doesn’t only stand for timeless and beautiful pieces, it also puts emphasis on craftsmanship: The bags of the Berlin brand are hand-produced in Izmir and made from the finest Italian leather. Another important factor for the AGNEEL founder Yesim Karaman is sustainability, responsibility and consciousness: While the materials come from an environmental-friendly, Italian family tannery that only uses leather as a byproduct of the food-industry, the production-processes are optimized to avoid as much waste as possible and the ordering structure conforms to the ‘made-to-order’-principle to minimise overproduction. Every brand decision is made with the environment in mind. And to show that AGNEEL is serious, you can find a transparent communication of the supply chain and production methods on the AGNEEL online page. AGNEEL is making bags for the eternity and this mirrors in their quality and style – betting on slow fashion and timeless design with affordable luxury pieces. You’ll even get one year of warranty on your purchase!
"I am Proud to herald a brand that dissociates with seasonal trends and fast, throwaway fashion."

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We love the signature style of the luxury label: The NORA bag. She’s a hand-made allrounder that can enrich your daily walk to work, an opera night with the family or even a rave with friends. The crocodile embossing on her high-quality Italian calf leather makes this model even more special and her round shapes will adorn our wardrobes and arms for years to come. It is a timeless pick that works on us, our mothers, grandmothers and will work on our children and grandchildren in the future. We just can’t imagine this bag to ever go out of style.

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