Working with Freiraum: Oakywood

From humble beginnings to global online stores

With modern hand-crafted wood gadgets, Oakywood honours centuries-old traditions with their very own techy twist. Their mission is to provide the world with wooden accessories and décor that is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. We talked with Mateusz Haberny, the company's founder, about working with trustworthy partners, the importance of running the company sustainably and the beauty of handmade products.


Eva-Marie Saarva : Oakywood had quite a humble beginning, which has now blossomed into various ecommerce collaborations around the world. What attracted you towards a collaboration with Freiraum?

Mateusz Haberny: We always carefully select our partners. We make sure that the businesses we work with share similar values and, just like us, pay attention to the highest quality and history behind the products. Freiraum is just such a place, which is why we are happy that we can showcase our accessories through your channels. 

ES: What encourages you to continue?

MH: We are satisfied with the outcome of our collaboration. At Oakywood, we focus on continuous development, and we appreciate that Freiraum, as our partner, also takes the extra steps to provide the customers with the best experience. We started with cooperation in online sales, and then our products were also delivered to your offline store in Düsseldorf. I can't wait to see what comes next!

ES: How has Freiraum improved your operations?

MH: Thanks to collaboration with Freiraum, we managed to reach a wider audience and provide people all over Europe with excellent quality wooden products that improve their desk organization. I’m also very happy that, thanks to our partnership, customers in Germany can see Oakywood products in real life in Freiraum’s Düsseldorf store.

ES: Oakywood was born from the passion for handmade woodcrafting traditions. Can you introduce some of the many advantages of buying handmade products to our readers?

MH: I believe that handmade products are special. By looking at handcrafted accessories, you can see the hard work, time and dedication of the person who made them for you. You can feel the excellent quality and notice the attention put into every single detail. 

ES: For every Oakywood product bought, you plant a tree. Why did you first decide to do this?

MH: Oakywood products are made of solid oak and walnut wood. We want to give mother nature back more than we take, that is why we decided to plant a tree for every product sold.

ES: It's clear that being an eco-friendly brand is very important to you. What inspires you to make more considered decisions in your everyday life?

MH: Seeing how the world is changing around us due to the climate changes makes me feel obligated to do something about it. I think it's important to understand that every little action counts. That is why I pay great attention to running the company sustainably, but I also try to make conscious choices in my everyday life.

ES: Your brother is your right hand man at Oakywood. What are the best and the worst parts about working with family?

MH: That’s true, I work closely with my brother, who manages the production of our accessories and is a huge help to me. It's great to work with people I can trust and to know that they always have my back. As for the cons of working with family, well... sometimes it's hard to "leave the workshop" and put the work aside, even during private events and family gatherings.

ES: From an early age, your father taught you and your brother everything you needed to know about working with wood, and operating your very own company was something that had always been close to your heart. Was there ever a different career path that you considered?

MH: If I hadn't started my own business, I would have probably been working in IT, because I studied computer science, but I don't regret the career path I have chosen, working at Oakywood is very satisfying!

ES: What’s the next exciting thing in the pipeline for Oakywood?

MH: I can't reveal too much yet, but big changes are coming! Of course, we are constantly working on new products that will be released soon. We will have something for the Apple fans and tech lovers, but not only for them, so stay tuned!

ES: Personal leeway (Freiraum) What does it mean for you and where can you find it?

MH: I find peace and freedom being close to nature. I grew up at the foot of the Polish Tatra Mountains, and this is where I come back for inspiration and when I need to clear my mind. I also appreciate every quality moment I can spend with my family.

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