Wearable Vacation

4 Brands that get your holiday vibe flowing

Holidays on the balcony will be the motto of this year’s summer, which, in some cases will extend towards a roof, a garden or terrace or will be reduced to holidays at the window. Either way, we cancelled our travels and trips, our family reunions and farm escapes, city breaks and seaside escapades – we’re following the imperative of the hashtag #stayhome which already has been used more than 18 million times, keeping our social distance and making the quarantine into a self-optimization project. But with the office in our kitchen, the gym in our living-room and all the over-productive people on our screens, we keep forgetting how important relaxation, time-outs, weekends and holidays are. To remind us of that after-work-feeling we will visit balcony-city in our favourite holiday-look, put on Huckleberry’s straw hat, make some margaritas and garnish them with some cute Colombian pinchos. We found four brands for your wearable vacation-inspiration, let’s get those summer-moves on!


What screams ‘vacation’ more than straw bags and sun hats? A combination of both with vibrant patterns in colourful hues. Yosuzi joins its appreciation for ancient South-American craftsmanship with the modern look and feel of a global lifestyle brand. What started as a brand for the classical boater quickly became a bridge between two very different worlds – one being the creative industry in New York, Los Angeles and London, the other being the cosmos of Venezuelan Guajiro. As a Venezuelan with ancestral Guajiro heritage, Yosuzi grew up with traditional ceremonies, the artisanal crafts and stories from her grandparents about the native myths and culture of South American tribes. After studying and working in the U.S., the founder of her eponymous brand re-established relationships with the community, leaders and artisans of the tribe to provide a platform for their work. With Yosuzi, economic sustainability was introduced, an artisan trainings program was established and an independent non-profit organization dedicated to feeding, clothing and teaching more than 400 Guajiro children was founded. Before, the craft of making a straw hat, the Woma, almost fell into oblivion, now, Yosuzi, preserves ancient hand crafts by giving back to the local artisan communities. And with the hand-woven Woma we will reclaim our balcony from the hands of home-office.


Since our gym-membership ran out, our book-discussions are taking place online and Soho house has closed, we are part of the “Do Nothing Club”. For this special occasion we usually wear our grey joggers and a matching shirt or jumper – depending whether it’s 23 degrees and sunshine or it’s snowing. But with On Vacation we found the right brand for our homewear-dilemma. The Berlin brand gives us summer-surfer-vibes while providing the maximal amount of cosiness in the form of unisex hoodies, t-shirts, socks and caps. With its big slogans the streetwear brand makes a stay- into a vacation: We already see ourselves relaxing in the “holidaze”-sweater, splashing in our on-balcony mini-pool in our “Vitamin Sea”-shirt and sipping Aperol Spritz under the “Dolce Vita”-cap. The sustainable brand convinces with a Miami retro-look, high quality, cute details and an optimistic, almost naïve, philosophy: Viewing the earth as the paradise, the atheists of ‘On Vacation’ are trying to change the fashion industry for the better. Let’s get our notebooks and start checking boxes for recycled plastic, minimal pollution and waste, CO2 efficiency, local, family-owned and fair production, environmental awareness and improved working conditions. Additionally, ‘On Vacation’ campaigns for social projects involving waste education, beach clean-ups, coral reef rebuilds, recycling and a sustainable and educated way of living for young Brazilian mothers. ‘On Vacation’ doesn’t only give us holiday-feelings every day and everywhere but a clean consciousness and a little bit of “Paradiso”.


Swimwear is a tricky topic every woman had to deal with at least once in her life, either by having an unintentional boobie-slip, a swimsuit cutting into her bum, a pantie that went astray or gave non-existing muffin-tops away. The more fortunate of us did not have to face these problems on the beach or in the swimming pool, but in the shop or online. Finding the right bikini literally can be a tangle, a pain in the neck or the you-know-what sometimes. That is why finding a swimwear brand that is not only about the aesthetics but about the fit and comfort is such an excitement. The Lisbon-based brand Wonda is such a discovery: Their approach is to create inclusive swimwear that celebrates all body-types, can be mixed and matched, as well as adjusted to the body. The design is unagitated, age- and timeless so that one style can be worn for several seasons, avoiding the idea of fashion-dictations and trend-chasing. It is a bikini that endures seasons, years and changes by not compromising on style or quality – a bikini from which you only need one for the rest of your life. The two founders, Teresa and Kim, are not only breaking the industry’s rules by creating aesthetic and material longevity but with their environmentally conscious approach. For them, sustainability should not be a choice but a necessity. That’s why they integrated sustainability into every part of their supply chain, whether it’s transparency, fabrics from recycled ocean waste, handmade, fair and ethical production in Portugal or eco-friendly packaging. Wonda is design that makes the world last by resisting on its own.


To get the ultimate holiday feeling, we don’t only need a sun hat, a bikini and some nice motto-shirts but especially the right setting – to get our surroundings into vacation-mood we’ll make our favourite margarita recipe, cook some asparagus-salmon-dish, turn our Freiraum playlist on full volume and click us through the onlineshop of Tauta Home. With its colourful palette of lifestyle-products the Swiss-Colombian home- and fashion-brand sparks joy and excitement. Since 2015, the South-American founder Maria Lorez combines traditional Colombian artisan- and craftsmanship with contemporary design and introduces her home land’s celebration of colours to the European market. Our wanderlust is satisfied by woven chairs and buckets, cheerful home-accessories, ethno-style tableware, hand-fans, playful kimonos and bags. Especially eye-catching are the hand-woven shoulder straps that can be attached to every bag and are able to bring summer-vibes with us wherever we might go within our own four walls. While taking a stroll to our kitchen we embrace Tauta home’s handpainted and -carved pinchos in the form of cute little lobsters, cactuses, pineapples and flamingos. They make an ideal match for our margaritas, some post-home-office snacks or even as a new hairdo. With the Tauta home pieces we let Colombian soulfulness enter our homes and turn them into a summery quarantine-escape.