Town Tales: Vienna with Edens Collective

Magnificent baroque buildings, world-renowned art exhibitions and downright delicious fusion cuisine

Edens Collective designs unique and meaningful pieces for mothers and their daughters, all the while respecting environmental resources and acting with social responsibility. Their beautiful garments are tailored exclusively by a small Austrian manufacturer and in compliance with the highest ethical working standards. Seems only fitting given that they come from one of the greenest major cities – Vienna. Join us on a discovery tour through Edens Collective favourite spots!


Monte Ofelio: Coffee & Croissant

What could be better than starting the day with an Italian cornetto?

Monte Ofelio is a little deli, with an easy-going and homey atmosphere. It offers you a great selection of high quality and delicious products from small Italian farms and regional producers from Austria. If you're lucky, you´ll be warmly welcomed by the two friendly brothers who run the place. Luca and Dario Formisano are experts when it comes to bringing the Italian lifestyle to Vienna and we can promise you´ll be in good hands.

Here's an extra sweet tip: it is best to come early so you can get hold of one of their freshly made vanilla croissants!


Augarten Park

Hope you have your coffee and croissant in hand, as it´s time to head on to unwind in one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna. Better yet, grab the book you always promised to read on holiday but never actually gotten around to. The Augarten is a public park that has the oldest baroque garden in Vienna. It's an excellent place to relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. Augarten´s generous 52.2 hectare size is perfect for a nice walk to work off your delicious breakfast while taking in all the beauty the park has to offer.


LieblingsFisch! at Karmelitermarkt

Karmelitermarkt along with its surrounding areas is considered as one of the most attractive parts of the city. With its amazing atmosphere and youthful vibes, the market offers everything from interesting food to contemporary art. Simply stroll, browse, and enjoy the local vibe.

Many of the small market stalls consist of just one or two small rooms, which can also function as a restaurant. This brings us to LieblingsFisch. As you might have already guessed by the name, LieblingsFisch´s inviting little store is serving up fresh and saltwater fish. Flavourful fish and fresh seafood might be hard to come by in a landlocked country, but their cooperation with the well-known fishmonger Eishken Estate makes it all possible. Everything is first class, which should come as no surprise since they have Peter Zinter on their side - one of the best chefs in the country!

All photos via LieblingsFisch!

Museum: Albertina

The Albertina Museum in Vienna holds one of the world’s largest and most important graphic art collections from all periods of history. The museum radiates elegance and the intricate architecture makes you feel as if you are stepping back in time. It's inside a majestic building that used to be the city's largest residential palace during the Habsburg monarchy.

Their Permanent exhibition is dropping the hottest names in art, from Monet to Picasso. Apart from the graphics collection the museum often houses temporary exhibitions, so we suggest you keep your eye on their website to see what's happening next.

All images via Albertina Museum


Restaurant: Mochi

Inventive Asian fusion

If you appreciate great fusion food, then take your taste buds on a journey and visit Mochi. This lively restaurant offers authentic Japanese cuisine with some modern twists influenced by European and international food trends, plus plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. Their creative chef prepares everything in the open kitchen so you have the opportunity to watch the master do what he does best. Oh, and hands down the best sushi in Vienna!

All images via MOCHI

Bar: Roberto American Bar

Top the night off with fabulous cocktails at the Roberto American Bar. The bar has built their values centred around humanity and hospitality, which is why every member of the team is hand-picked by the owner, Roberto Pavlović-Hariwijadi, himself. They have an extensive cocktail menu of which the staff is very knowledgeable about. This stunning vintage-inspired bar manages to be both, laidback and luxurious at the same. The design of Roberto American Bar is quite special, and it's just small enough to create a nice intimate feel. Relax, linger and enjoy endless conversations over divine drinks. Tip: Don´t miss out on the olives!