Town Tales: Regensburg with Bagsolate

A culinary tour through the mediaeval heart of Bagsolate's native city

Bagsolate is the ultimate sustainable backpack created by four friends and their wish to revolutionise everyday life by making it more comfortable and sustainable. That is why they came up with a backpack that’s made of 100% recycled materials, from the inner insulation to the cotton straps and the bottom leather, to the final packaging. Through their products, Bagsolate have been setting the standards of both sustainability and style, creating an item that’s not merely an accessory but a faithful companion that will usher you everywhere, chilling your drinks in summer and protecting your laptop’s battery from the winter cold. We grabbed ours and visited the brand’s founders in their native Regensburg, whose mediaeval heart belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage, to follow them along on a culinary tour and check out their favourite restaurants and best spots in the city!


Whilst taking a stroll among the typical buildings that characterise the core of Regensburg’s old town, in the Obere Bachgasse, it might happen that the scent of fresh ingredients tickles your nose and awakens your stomach, and it most probably is because you’ve come across Bolero's, the place to go if you want to briefly escape German tradition to live a proper Mediterranean experience. From Spanish tapas to succulent authentic Italian pizza, this restaurant is perfect to spend a warm summer evening in its quaint courtyard accompanied by a drink and live music.


Ha Tien is a cosy Vietnamese restaurant that’s been serving Asian specialties for 19 years. Everything about Ha Tien, from its name, which consists of the two first names of the owners’ parents, to their signature dishes is familiar and deeply authentic. The food is made according to secret and much beloved recipes passed on from one generation to the next, since when the very first family restaurant was opened in Hanoi more than 80 years ago. Because of its size and popularity, it may be difficult sometimes to find a spot inside, but they’ve come up with a brilliant takeaway alternative that’s all the more sustainable and delicious.


Located in the picturesque and colourful district of Stadtamhof, on one end of the Steinernen Brücke, is the historical Kuchenbar, an iconic spot that’s worth stopping by for fragrant coffee and freshly baked cakes that taste every bit as delicious as they look.


In the same neighbourhood of Stadtamhof, along the Danube bank, is the Spitalgarten, a beer garden where you can taste a refreshing drink on a hot summer day whilst enjoying the most beautiful sunset, which turns into a small Christmas market in winter as well. A staple destination for locals and tourists alike!

Last but not least...

If you’re planning to spend many of the upcoming spring days out in the open and pack your Bagsolate with your favourite snacks and drinks, Villapark and Herzogspark are just the ideal destinations. Situated on the eastern and western edges of the old town, they are great spots for long walks, picnics, sport activities and relaxing ones.