Laori's Espresso Martini

The non-alcoholic drink to start
a fun night

When ordering a non-alcoholic drink, the bartender's face and sometimes even his or her lips will form a question: "Are you pregnant?" While it's so socially esteemed to sip your well-deserved beer or gin & tonic after a hard day of work, non-alcoholics must be pregnant, health-freaks or fun-refuseniks. But what a lot of people are missing is that sometime being sober can be more fun than being drunk – and that the non-alcoholic version of a drink sometimes tastes better than the original one. So does Laori. The alternative to gin is made from herbal and spice distillates including the obligatory junipers, cardamom, and rosemary. The Berlin based brand cultivates their organic herbs and distillates their gin-alternative in the French Provence. The full taste of Laori develops within a drink – whether you're into the classic tonic version, a fancy almond-raspberry drink, or the pick-me-up Espresso Martini:

The Ingredients

- 5 cl Laori⁠
- 2,5 cl espresso⁠
- 1 cl simple syrup
- 1 egg white

The Recipe

Mix all ingredients without ice in one shaker and shake thoroughly. Add ice and shake for another minute. Pour into a Martini glass and enjoy!