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How food supplements can shield us from basically anything but heartache

L-Complex is more than just a food supplement, it is a lifestyle, a guide and your way into a healthier future. The brand bets on pure and transparent ingredients, a sustainable supply chain, a German production and the highest bioavailability. The nutritional supplements are absorbed by the body in the best possible way and work without being a burden. What L-Complex understood is that everybody and every body is different, with its questionnaire about our lifestyle choices, habits and nutrition the brand is able to estimate our bodies' needs for supplements. How often do you drink alcohol? What allergies do you have? Do you feel stressed or week, do you want to loose weight or do you feel like you need to detox? L-Complex has the answer for you. At the same time, the Hamburg-based brand doesn't preach physical and mental redemption but calls upon education. On its Instagram account, L-Complex and its founder Laura Flemming teach you about food, movement and supplement myths. Check out their account for the best healthy recipes and some advice on how the right nutrition can save you from basically anything – even UV! But first, have a look at what Laura has to say:

Freiraum: What does it mean to you to be part of the Freiraum Brand community?
Laura Flemming: It is great to connect with other young brands and be part of a community whose members support each other. Freiraum is the only offline positioning where it is possible to experience our products in real life - a great chance to learn and further engage with our clients.

F: What do you hope to achieve with your participation at Freiraum?
LF: By participating at Freiraum, we hope for a more real and emotional connection to our clients.

F: Which opportunities arise with Freiraum?
LF: Online is important, but the real connection still happens in the physical world. With Freiraum, new possibilities arise: Building an offline sales channel besides our e-commerce business and a deeper relationship with our customers are key components to our cooperation.

F: What is your impression, do people nowadays spend more time concerning health consciousness and balanced nutrition?
LF: We definitely see a shift to a more conscious living on all levels, this also includes nutrition and new ways of self-healing. People reflect much more about their own body and well-being. At the same time, there is still much confusion about a healthy lifestyle.

That is one of the reasons why we started L-COMPLEX: We are passionate about health and want to give our clients direction and the means on how to be healthy today and in the long-run.

F: What is different about your brand? What's the uniqueness of your brand or product?
LF: L-COMPLEX is different because we combine design and quality without making cutbacks in either of the two. Most packagings of supplements are full of plastic and give you the feeling of being sick. Our packaging is eco-friendly and makes you feel empowered. We use the most high-end and clean ingredients in high doses, additionally, we produce in Germany. All our products are 100% tested on toxins, so you only take what you really need without stressing your body. Unfortunately, this is not given for most supplement providers.


"This is what L-COMPLEX is about: Making health a routine and deliberately taking time for it!"

F: Do you follow rituals? If yes, does it have an impact on your brand and way of working?
LF: I have a daily health routine that empowers me to invest in my health every day. I start with my morning tea followed by a nutritious breakfast and my daily L-COMPLEX Vitamin D, Vitamin B Complex and Omega 3. I always take some time for my routine in the morning, as it sets a great start to the day. And this is also what L-COMPLEX is about: Making health a routine and deliberately taking time for it!

F: What is your ultimate source of inspiration?
LF: My ultimate inspiration is the self-healing power of the human body - I am absolutely fascinated by it and am learning about it every day. Also, my friends are a great source of inspiration: Everyone is having their own little health story and they show me first-hand how our bodies are complex and simple at the same time.