Summer Drinks with Tea:
Passion 53

Boteanicals' cocktail for hot days

While we all know that drinking hot beverages is the healthier way to go when the sun is burning through our linen shirts and temperatures are rising above 25 degrees, all we really want is to take the unreasonable way: Cold drinks that are dangerously close to the freezing point. Ironically, our new favourite (cold) drink recipe is provided by a tea brand. Boteanicals offers sustainably and fairly produced premium organic tea blends from around the world. But no worries! Even though Boteanicals' teas are perfect for cozy winter days, they can be prepared as an iced-tea or be part of a cooling cocktail:

Ingredients (for one glass)

– 4cl Boteanicals No. 53 infused Vodka (click here for our CIV Vodka)
– 1,5cl lime juice
– 1,5cl sugar syrup
- Prosecco
- Maracuja- or passionfruit

The Recipe

Add one teaspoon of Boteanicals No. 53 tea leaves to every 100ml of vodka and let the mixture soak for about two hours. Then simply strain out the tea and pour the vodka into a bottle, canning jar or another suitable container.

Cut the passion fruit in half. Put the content of the fruit, the No. 53 infused vodka, the lime juice, and the sugar syrup in a shaker with is. Shake vigorously. Now strain into a tumbler filled with crushed ice, top with prosecco. Cheers!

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