Behind the Scenes with Ses Talaioles

The wine giving us the holiday feelings we long for

Imagine the sun on your face, salt on your lips and the wind in your hair – you are surrounded by olive trees and vines. This does not only sound like the start of your usual Kundalini yoga session or your deepest post- and mid-Corona vacation-dreams, it is also the reality of the Ses Talaioles vineyard. Right on the offshoots of the Llevant mountains in the east of Mallorca, one can find the beautiful 100-hectare property of the Dutch-German entrepreneurial family De Waal – including an old defence tower, a lime marl ground, an ever-shining sun and the wind of the sea. Besides twelve different types of grapes on ten-hectare, the family cultivates grains, peas, figs, olives and almonds. Even some Pata Negra pigs found their home on the Spanish manor while being fed acorns.

What seems so tempting to us in terms of holiday-wishes, makes the perfect base for vines to grow: Within only a couple of years the family transformed the old land into the ideal winegrowing area and therefore created in cooperation with vintner Bernd Philipp three wines within one signature collection. While the Sestalino is the small brother of the vineyard, featuring subtle herbal notes and stronger fruity notes evoked by dark berries, the Sestal convinces with its richness and structure. The latter is stored 24 months in French oak barrels and encompasses the aroma of cherry, cassis, mulberry and elderberry. Na Pujola, the third of the collection, consists of a selection made of the two best vines of the land and ripens two years in the mentioned barrique barrels. Ses Talaioles rather bets on a small amount of wine and extraordinary quality than on fast production and large quantities. This is why, the grapes are handpicked and directly sorted on the vineyard, the vines are maintained and trimmed under ecological considerations. The Ses Talaioles wine does not only come from the place where summer dreams come true, it also tastes like it.