Behind the Scenes with
Paola Q

Jewellery for women who own their glow
"When our sisters shine we all shine"

Jewellery has always played an important role when it comes to enhancing our beauty and expressing our personal style. For Colombian born designer Paola Quintana, jewellery holds a much larger significance. For her, there is no force bigger than women coming together to support each other, as we know that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Inspired by a family of strong and multifaceted women, Paola made her passion for jewellery design and honouring women in their mission a lifelong project.

It´s safe to say that commitment to quality is a fundamental pillar in of each Paola Q´s pieces. The brand strongly believes that environmental and social responsibility is the way forward - every little bit helps make a difference! The creative process starts in their atelier in Barcelona, where each collection is brought to life by the hands of expert artisans. The dream combination of bold Colombian aesthetics alongside Spanish sophistication, brings together just the right balance of confidence with a wink of effortless elegance.

Handmade, timeless, authentic and designed with soul. Age-old traditions are wedded with the latest techniques to create stunning pieces to celebrate the women of today, whom they serve and everything they aspire to become.

Paola often draws inspiration from her travels between South America and Europe and their respective natural landscapes and heritage. Her latest collection Sthenos is inspired by a trip she made to Greece and tells the tale of Greek myths, in which female characters gain strength and independence. Each of these stunning pieces is made in Spain using non-polluting processes from recycled materials – a magnificent example that elegance is not incompatible with commitment.