Behind the Scenes
with Mused

The sustainable interior brand uniting ethics and looks

2020 was not only a year full of banana bread and game nights, it will also go down in history as the era or home make-overs and more or less successful DIY projects. With too much time spend in our own four walls and up to no time spend with getting dressed, our shopping focus shifted from fashion to interior. Some of us even might have gotten acquainted with YouTube tutorials to make your own fruit bowls or twist your candles. While the latter only created half satisfying results, the twisted candle trend survived lockdown one, two and three – and is here to stay. Good thing, we don't have to rely on our amateur-skills anymore, but can easily order our twisted candles from Mused now: The German brand creates beautiful designs for your home. Simple, timeless, geometric, and elegant.

At Mused, you can not only find one of the pandemic's most loved interior trends, but the matching candleholders, cork bowls, colourful side tables, and ceramic vases. The Mused items are produced within Germany and the EU in order to keep delivery routes short and guarantee fair and healthy production standards for the workers. The interior brand only uses natural or 100 percent recycled materials to be as environmental-friendly as possible. The family business, founded by Georg Otten, Niklas Otten, and Annemarie Ehm, bets on timeless and ethical design that is made to last.