Behind the Scenes with
Mizo Bags

The urban backpack brand betting on made-to-order, longevity, and hand-craft

“The industry moves fast, so we slow down”

When hearing the word “hand-craft” our imagination runs wild, we’re thinking about Italy, traditional craftsmanship, vegetable-tanned leather, and silk. While not everyone might come up with the same associations as we do, we’re pretty sure, that most of us don’t see modern and minimalistic designs in front of their inner eyes. Our mind’s clusters can be extremely misleading, as shown by MIZO. The Latvian label embraces bag-making heritages of the past century while exploring a sleek and urban design approach. The results are vegan, waterproof, unisex backpacks with a timeless look – made to cycle around your city, climb the highest mountain, and to be found and used by your grandchildren.

Founded in 2015 by Edgar Biberis in Riga, the Scandinavian label bets on the made-to-order approach. Each bag is designed, hand-cut, and hand-crafted within the brand’s crafting workshop. Since there’s only a limited number of bags that can be made within the studio a day, MIZO produces only by demand. A MIZO bag, thus, is especially created for you. This approach helps prevent overproduction and waste. Staying true to their ideals, the Latvian brands extends this concept onto their fabrics: MIZO uses the worldwide best waxed canvas for its designs. The materials are crafted in a 150-year old factory in Scotland. Every bag has been manufactured locally, fairly and sustainably. With good quality comes a promise. In this case, it’s a lifetime warranty. The MIZO team is just that convinced of their products’ durability! But every item needs to be maintained, loved and cared for. This is why you’ll find all the information you need about the right care for your MIZO purchase on their website and socials. And if, whatever the reason might be, your MIZO bag’s time runs out, you can always send it back, so they can repair, re-craft or recycle. A circular way of design thinking!