Behind the Scenes with Etisha Collective

Hopelessly in love with positive luxury

Etisha Collective came to life during the 2020 pandemic, with a sincere dedication to create luxury bathroom accessories with environmentally and ecologically sound practices. While the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic had us all craving for soft fabrics whilst staying inside, Etisha Collective took it upon themselves to bring a feel of indulgent escapism to the confines of our own home. Luxuriate in the understated beauty of human heritage and continue a tradition that stretches back to the 17th century, all the while knowing that your choice is a sustainable one.


‚ÄúIt‚Äôs easy to offer Luxury, it‚Äôs difficult to be responsible about it.‚ÄĚ

Etisha Pipada, the founder of Etisha Collective, is a firm believer in the love story between nature and humans. With a sincere dedication towards nature and legacies, she hopes that the brand can awaken and encourage sensible luxury consumers to fall hopelessly in love with positive luxury, the kind that doesn’t harm nature.

For the longest time, luxury has been associated with vanity, and thus has a sinful ring to it. Overabundance in production, creating barriers in society by the desire for social status and the traditional characteristics of the term luxury, are often directly connected to price. When Etisha Collective learnt about the truth behind all things fine, their heart sank. They believe that luxury can come from a good place, from a good heart, made with love and most importantly ‚Äď made in the right way. Fortunately, the concept of luxury has changed over time. It isn't about displays of outward greatness any more. People have started to understand that luxury can be an experience, an emotion. And a positive one at that. It's time to evaluate what truly brings us happiness, what is better for the environment and what truly inspires us in taking a step towards making more conscious choices. Etisha Collective¬īs skilful artisans weave these good emotions into the finest of fibres and are on their way to change what luxury means.

Designed in Berlin and handmade in the home ateliers of Bursa

Etisha Collective¬īs towels are handmade in Bursa, Turkey, a town where towels were first invented back in the 17th century. Generational techniques can be felt in every weft and every knot of each loomed piece, resulting in unbelievably soft and aesthetically unique pieces. Given that they work with the last few remaining weavers of Turkey, their towel collection is a result of a 400 year-old practise of towel weaving on ancient looms. These sustainably hand-made pieces are meant to last for decades and simply ooze with grandeur and elegance. Each piece takes about 30-40 hours to be crafted! In addition to their luxurious beach, bath and spa towels, Etisha Collective turns your home into a relaxed sanctuary with handcrafted gourmet soaps, hand poured candles and sustainable towel perfumes.

Etisha Collective¬īs eloquent towels can even be seen as one-of-a-kind pieces of art and collectibles, made to last an eternity. Each hand-tied fringe holds within itself centuries old skills to elevate your simple bathing routines with the exquisite feel of the plushest cotton. The brand has managed to brilliantly infuse versatility into its products. Aside from being the perfect everyday towel, the muted yet elaborate motifs leave room to get creative and envision the product in different settings. Whether it's your companion for a leisure day by the pool, a yoga class, travel ally to your next holiday or simply a throw blanket to elevate your terrace or couch, the possibilities are endless! Make Etisha Collective a part of your very own ritual and a companion for your daily well-being.

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