Behind the Scenes with Eleanor Balfour

Introducing the versatility-hero and showstopper Eleanor Balfour

The designs of New York-based label Eleanor Balfour seem like they are walking straight out of the 60s and 70s – with their long legs showed off by a leather mini-skirt. The retro-vibe of the brand meets Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood-aesthetics. Before our inner eye, we can see Sharon Tate walking the streets of L.A. in Eleanor Balfour’s green corduroy coat and dancing to “Get Back” from the Beatles in the label’s long denim jumpsuit with orange seams. Even though Sharon Tate alone would be a reason to turn heads, Eleanor Balfour’s designs are real show-stoppers. The brand’s black vinyl coat with violet faux-fur trim dominated this year’s street-style shots and the Xenia shirt-dress, with its multi-wear-opportunity and mandarin collar, is already a classic now. While the Xenia dress opens up to become a cool shirt, on another piece the feather-details can be removed. It is all about the adjustability. The brand’s versatility is owed by the label’s customers and the designer herself: The Eleanor Balfour woman travels the world, switches between hot and cold, summer and winter, casual wear and red carpet dresses, London and New York, Kärnten and Venice. But she stays true to her taste and self. She doesn’t chase trends, she values the longevity and timelessness of her fashion pieces. And that’s the second aspect making Eleanor Balfour so likeable: It is high fashion but with a sustainable approach. The fabrics are sourced from reputable mills, transport routes are minimized, unnecessary packaging is eliminated and the factories are all located in Europe and personally supervised. Eleanor Balfour is about the change that makes a piece timeless.


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