Behind the Scenes with Edens Collective

Feminine aesthetics, delicate playfulness and airy lightness

Made by and for women


While gaining enough experience and insights into the marketing and fashion industries, longtime friends Elisabeth and Vanessa were secretly nurturing the desire to create clothes for women that were comfortable, easy to wear, yet elegant and meaningful. Inspired by their children and the hurdles of motherhood and daily life, their goal was to realize versatile garments that would make mothers and daughters feel good at all occasions, both day and night, from playdate to dinner date, without compromising quality or uniqueness. So in 2020, when they finally decided to join forces, Edens Collective was born. The inspiration behind the name is, of course, the Garden of Eden and the idyllic, peaceful and joyful images that it kindles in our imagination. Their clothes reflect this, combining playful and romantic elements, dreamy details with practical and strong silhouettes. But above all, each of their pieces is a flattering ode to womanhood and femininity, in all of its shapes and sizes.




When designing the very first collection, Elisabeth and Vanessa were careful and strongly resolved to set up a production process as sustainable as possible in every step, and today they are extremely proud to be able to develop their fashion in a fully transparent and fair way. Every garment is sourced locally and made by hand by authentic Austrian craftsmanship and manufacturers - Elisabeth and Vanessa’s country of origin and where the Collective was founded and is run - which enables them to support local people and businesses and avoid long transport routes. What’s more, the two Austrian friends don’t contemplate waste and in order to guarantee the utmost use of textile resources the clothes are only produced on order and according to actual demand, thus resulting in timeless, long-lasting and one-of-a-kind pieces; whereas fabric scraps and unused materials are further processed into accessories. This method not only has allowed them to reduce the ecological footprint of their company, but also to create apparel that contributes to spreading environmental, ethical and civic awareness.

“We care about what you wear.”


This is achieved through the use of exquisite natural fibres of premium quality that bring together luxury and comfort as well as softness in each piece. In particular, these fabrics include GOTS certified organic cotton from Europe, such as poplin, tulle and muslin, all of which wear gently, especially on children's skin, and are considered breathable, tear-resistant and absorbent. As a perfect complement to organic cotton, they have also introduced the use of Austrian organic linen for the realization of summer collections - a highly permeable textile with a natural antibacterial effect, dust-, stain-resistant and tear proof, which is refreshing and ideal for warm summer days. All of these materials comply with the highest environmental and social requirements along the textile supply chain, and are not treated with chemical pesticides or fertilisers. Finally, mother of pearl buttons add up that touch of elegance and chicness that beautifully compliments Edens Collective’s delicate designs and has become their signature.


On giving back to the community


The Austrian label’s heartfelt concern is to be able to give back to the community and support children and women. This is why they show their unwavering commitment to such causes by cooperating with stoff.werk.graz, a project of Caritas Styria aimed at helping long-term unemployed, socially disadvantaged women who live in Graz, and whose undertaking consists in turning fabric scraps into hair accessories and doll clothes. In addition, Edens Collective donates 1% of yearly total sales to benevolent organizations, and this year they are contributing to the Stiftung Kindertraum to make wishes of seriously ill children come true.

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