Behind the Scenes with Asmi Ayurveda

The Quest for Harmony

Ayurveda reimagined

For centuries, Ayurveda has been used as a healing art in India, rooting its pillars and recipes in lifelong studies of the powers of nature. ńÄsmi stays true to the authentic Ayurvedic lifestyle and is on a mission to bring its philosophy and regimen closer to you, by offering perfume oils, Ayurvedic teas, tea accessories and of course tons of knowledge on the subject. All of their products are developed with Ayurvedic experts, connected to nature and accompanied by a mindful approach to the environment. With their clean Nordic design, European craftsmanship and organic composition ‚Äď Ayurveda is reimagined.

Murali Nair, the founder of ńĀsmi Ayurveda, moved to Germany more than a decade ago. He soon realised that even though Ayurveda products already existed on the market, there was a lack of well-designed and sustainably made products. Having grown up on a coconut farm in Kerala, India, the Ayurveda regimen for him was a way of life. He decided to put a luxurious twist on the more simple products on the market and share his childhood family recipes rooted deep in tradition but with a modern look and sustainable in production. Today, Asmi Ayurveda has grown into a successful brand where Ayurveda doctors, award winning Danish designers and Italian master craftsmen have joined forces to create a world where health, beauty and ethical values come together.

Ayurvedic thinking is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, as more and more people have come to the realisation that being in balance with our nature is a key to inner peace, natural beauty and lasting health. After all, nature is often referred to as our greatest healer and teacher. Ayurveda teaches us not only to understand the importance of our own heart, mind and body but to understand that we are a part of something bigger. Everything is connected. When we start feeling one with nature, we start to absorb everything that comes natural in life and begin to see beyond our own body and mind.

Cleanse your senses

To be able to offer you the best possible tea, the ńĀsmi tea collection has been developed by Dr. Sreekirshnan, a second generation Ayurvedic doctor from Kerala, from carefully selected Ayurvedic recipes and handpicked ingredients. They only use whole leaf teas from fair cultivation to have a positive effect on the whole body and mind. You can Enjoy ńĀsmi teas knowing that your decision will make a positive contribution to nature and the regional economy.

The ńĀsmi perfume oil collection is inspired by Abhyanga - a centuries-old Ayurvedic self-care treatment. The meticulously selected ingredients in each oil, nourish your skin while creating a unique sensory experience which decreases anxiety by helping us build a better connection with our senses.

Asmi and sustainability

Where to begin‚Ķsustainability is at the heart of every.single.aspect of ńĀsmi Ayurveda. As a company that is built around Ayurvedic philosophy, honouring nature with all her gifts as well as conscious consumption is part of their corporate DNA. Much like their hand-picked tea, they have carefully selected their European partners and make no compromises when it comes to production. The teas and the herbs are sourced from a traditional tea company in Hamburg and packaged at a workshop for people with disabilities in G√ľtersloh. The 93% recycled tin tea boxes are manufactured in Landshut by Klann Packaging. It's worth mentioning that they're one of the three remaining manufacturers of metal boxes in the EU! Both the compostable refill bags and the climate-neutral stone paper labels are produced in East Westphalia. The gorgeous glass bottles for the body oils are made near Venice and filled in Hamburg and the certified ecological paper packaging comes from Stuttgart. For every oil sold, a tree is planted and 1kg of plastic waste is removed from the sea.

The linen tea towels and table runners are made in Sweden from French and Belgian linen. The packaging for the textiles is made from potato starch produced in England. The teapot and tea cups are made in Italy from local Gress porcelain and wood from the local forest. Through collaborating with European companies who share the same values, to ensure that packaging materials do not have to travel long distances to reach them, resulting in less CO2 emissions.

Pretty impressive, right? But wait, there¬īs more‚Ķ ńĀsmi supports the construction of a biogas plant in India, that truly makes a difference for a lot of people and helps to end deforestation of the surrounding forests. The wonderful people behind ńĀsmi know the importance of a mindful approach to ourselves, to fellow human beings and how crucial it is to be responsible towards our environment.

Whether you decide to call it Ayurveda or simply living holistically, we can all agree that aŐĄsmi is a brand we can all look up to and we couldn¬īt be more thrilled to be a part of their journey.