Behind the Scenes with Vertere Berlin

Translating Berlin night life into fashion

While On Vacation addresses our longing for a summer far far away, VertereBerlin is its equivalent to the world of clubbing. Since both areas were on hold for a whole while and have not yet fully recovered, we decided to dress the part. With rainbow-stitching, little roses and „socks from Berlin with love“, we’re on the hunt for the next open-air festival with less than 1000 people and an approved hygiene-concept. Vertere Berlin is inspired by nightlife, clubbing and the sheer endless party-scene of Berlin. The two founders Uli Hasselmann and Jonas Michalak themselves are no strangers to the capital’s bunker clubs and DJ booths: Vertere is a collective of local DJs, artists and designers combining fashion and music. The idea of the brand is an outcome of a dance-y night at Garbicz festival, the summer escape of Berlin ravers.

No wonder, Vertere Berlin doesn’t only feature their essential collection but a festival one. The style is comfortable, high-quality streetwear that works everywhere and on everyone. With sunglasses, masks, cardholders, sweaters, shirts, bucket hats and bum bags, Vertere strikes right into the centre of a raver’s heart. The collections are unisex and aesthetically as well as ethically mirror the Zeitgeist of today’s party-people, promenading between self-destruction and self-care, raving and yoga, turbo mate and acai bowls. Vertere only works with regional production sites: Their leather-collection travels up north from a little manufacturer in Bavaria, while their knit work comes from the North of Germany and the obligatory-street style tennis socks with ironic comments are directly from Berlin. The artsy designs of the brand oftentimes are collabs with temporary artists, like tattooist Andrés Aragoneses or graphic designer Carin Carvalho and therefor dig into the creative pool of Berlin’s art community. But Vertere isn’t only made by creative people, it is made for them: Pieces of the label have been seen on Nina Kraviz or Andhim and the Vertere sporty-style writes the names of all party-people into the Berlin night sky.

All images via Instagram