Behind the Scenes with Urwahn Bikes

Getting you to switch lines

If the city-fox has a home it is the urban jungle – and if the city-fox is not an animal but the name of a bike this urban jungle is called Berlin. The frame of the Urwahn bikes is inspired by the physique of the said redhead and the design is kept organic. While nature is the inspiration, innovation is the drive of its technology. By using 3d-printing the bikes of the Berlin-based brand are lighter, processed faster and fairer than conventional steel frame bikes. But what really makes them special is their elegant look and their adaptability towards urban landscapes.

To bring the city’s mobility to the next level, technology-pioneers, digital forerunners, creative mavericks and innovative tinkerers came together, researched, rethought and reinvented the classical bike. The result is a real city kid, born and raised in Berlin, knowing every Kiez like its back wheel, including integrated lighting, eleven gears, anti-theft-protection with build-in GPS tracker and intuitive handling. A new model, the “Platzhirsch” even comes with rear-wheel drive. The Urwahn bike is a combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and additive technologies. While quality and innovation are definitely the driving forces of Urwahn, transparency, sustainability, environmental awareness and fairness get the small company rolling. Without supporting wheels the CEOs Sebastian Meinecke and Ramon Thomas single-handedly founded a company with short communication- and transportation-routes, regional production, fair wage policy, flat hierarchies and an amazing bike.

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