Behind the Scenes with Rübbelberg

The eggnog leaving Christmas behind while conquering Berlin's nightlife

When thinking of Berlin liquor, peppermint schnaps, the beer with a star, hip gin-drinks and some wild caffeine-mixtures come to mind – lately, we might even think of natural wine. Dark clubs, fancy rooftop bars, left-winged pubs and sophisticated whisky-sour places arise before our inner eye, even without having drunk absinth. But what definitely does not seem to be matching the stay-up-all-night vibe of Germany's capital is eggnog. It reminds us of ice-cream, of our grandparents and snuggling up on the couch while watching "Little Lord Fauntleroy" and falling asleep way too early. But Rübbelberg is different...

This is why it's even more surprising that three 30-somethings rethought eggnog as the comeback-drink of the 2010s and -20s. The first step of Rübbelberg's candy land-journey was to admit their love for their grandma's recipes, next was a phase of trial- and error-cooking in their Berlin-apartments, which was completed by a recipe that was so different, exciting and tasty, it could defy all existing eggnog-brands. Instead of egg, milk or too much sugar, Rübbelberg only uses organic yolks, a locally produced Korn from a family-distillery in the North of Germany, a hint of lime and one whole genuine bourbon vanilla pod from Madagascar for every half litre. The result is a premium organic egg liqueur that is bio certified, sustainable and fair. Rübbelberg can easily keep up with your grandma's. Rübbelberg puts the fun back into eggnog. Rübbelberg brings Berlin a little bit closer to your hometown.