Behind the Scenes with Ripple

– not a cigarette!

Berlin, London, New York or Paris created a subculture of raving kids talking about their yoga lessons, self-medicators using ecstasy and kambô, meditating work-hard-play-harders, careerists on the fast track slowing down on their path to total awareness. Berghain and drugs on the weekend, green smoothies, kombucha and environmental consciousness discourses within the week. Where two worlds clashed with each other to build an unnatural but sexy union, there is now social-distancing, self-optimizing and detoxing bad relationships, habits and our bodies. For the ones in rehab from their former lifestyle, we found the ideal product combing the best of said two worlds in one juicy little device: The Ripple. The Ripple is not a cigarette, but plant-powered puffs. It gives you heroin-chic-vibes à la Moss while actually enjoying the healing powers of essential oils. The keyword is aromatherapy converted into a smooth vape. The post-smokers brother-and-sister-duo Sam and Lucy Beecham invented the ripple to create an alternative to conventional vaping products on the market in order to quit on cigarettes. The goal is to make vaping a healthy and functional experience. The Ripple is without nicotine, made from plant-based ingredients and botanical blends, it is non-addictive, free of pesticides, natural, even vegan. The puffs come in four different flavours with accompanying traits: While peppermint is supposed to charge your power-batteries, jasmine’s vapour relaxes you, the lychee flavour gives the much-needed boost and the lavender one brings sweet dreams. The Ripple is the healing alternative-drug our capital’s subculture waited for.

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