Behind the Scenes with Orpheus

The Reserruction of Skin Care

The Greek Gods called! They want their elixir of life back!
Orpheus is not only a purple flower-based skin cream, it is like the edge of glory for biotech experts and cultivated environmentalists. The youth-restoring innovation is vegan, gluten-free, and tested without any animals being harmed. The family-owned business from Bulgaria created an essence that restores your skin cells and nurtures it with bio-active minerals.

It all began with the tale of Orpheus, the poet and musician under the Greek gods, who was deeply in love with Eurydice. When she died of a snake bite Orpheus was devastated. The myth says that his shed tears fell upon the mineral-rich earth of the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. Out of the tears, a beautiful flower blossomed: Haberlea Rhodopensis, the flower of immortality. It survived the Ice Age due to its unique ability to self-preserve and resurrect.

Without increasingly harvesting the rare plant or harming the environment, the bio-tech team of Orpheus skincare used the highest potency of the flower to create the Orpheus Flower Cell Peptide Complex that is contained in the bio-luminous dewy essence Resurrection. It is composed of three concentrated bio-actives: resurrection flower extract, Bengal flower stem cells, and nicotiana flower tri-peptide. The company promises a 100% sustainable experience that makes your face feel like touched by heaven. But how does it work?

Orpheus explains: "In studies, it proved to dramatically increase critical DNA repair genes by 188%, extending cellular longevity. It also significantly boosts the production of youth collagen type I by 207% and type III - by 122%, improving skin’s elasticity, volume, and firmness. Collagen I & III make up for 85% of the skin."

Orpheus Resurrection skincare is a symbiosis of nature's most precious treasures and highly modern biotechnology that renews and restores your skin and keeps it pure and soft. We thank the Gods for this glorious product!