Behind the Scenes with - M2Malletier

The bag with the signature 'needle' – piercing itself into the fashion zenith

A handbag, inspired by a medieval medical-instrument – a description of a high fashion product you will not come across every day. What’s more: It is a description that evokes all kind of associations, from Sweeney Todd over Game of Thrones to Dita von Teese, but M2Malletier does not come to mind. The Barcelona-based bag-brand is not a revival of styles from the thirteen-hundreds, it is a full-on 21st century brand with clear lines, a minimalist approach, high-quality materials, a surrealist background and signature hardware – whereby the signature hardware is inspired by said medieval times.

When the Colombian design-duo Melissa Losada and Marcela Velez had the idea for their handbag-label they went to Paris. At Marché aux Puces they found a drawing of a medieval medical instrument and fell in love with the idea to build their brand around this surreal metallic hardware. Little did they know that eight years later M2Malletier would be an international renowned accessory label, sold by the biggest luxury retailers and worn by celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Anne Hathaway or Nicole Kidman. Their idea to use a golden handle on every single handbag in their collection struck a chord in 2012. The needle, how they called it, was something completely new and pierced itself into the fashion zenith. It came in elegant black, white and beige-colours, in the softest calf-leather and with an architectural structure that eclipsed its inspiration. Funny enough, even though both designers do not think too highly about big logos and obvious branding a M2Malletier bag can be spotted and recognized from the far distance of unfortunate non-front-row-seats. While the needle is the thread of all existing collections, the general aesthetics keep up with their globetrotting target audience and current zeitgeist: One of the latest M2Malletier projects is based on a cooperation with the Guatemalan empowerment project Pura Utz – beautiful beadwork designed in Copenhagen and handmade through conscious craftsmanship by Mayan women. The M2M-all-time-favourites are translated in studded bags with thousands of pearls and sweetened by flowery patterns while presented by Copenhagen’s influencer darling Lotta Liina – it does not get cooler than this, maybe except for your own customized bag. The signature bags, as well as the new Fall / Winter 2019 designs, can be matched to one’s individual taste by choosing the leather, the colour of the hardware, a strap or a chain and some details.