10 Nov 2020

Behind the Scenes with Flabelus

The shoe brand taking you down vacation-lane – whether it's summer or Christmas

The Friulane shoe is the epitome of Italian's sprezzatura style – a word that has been around since 1528 and describes a certain nonchalance and the way in which Italians effortlessly dress in style – "almost without any thought about it". Flabelus makes shoewear that is inspired by Venice's gondoliers and puts the elegance into your everyday life. The London brand was founded by Beatriz De Los Mozos who wanted to create a shoe for every occasion – from holidays with the best friends over dinner with the parents, a cocktail or even a wedding. The Friulane fits every location, every gender and every style. Even though Flabelus relies on the classic Friulane fabric velvet, the shoes are eco-friendly, made of recycled materials, are sustainably and fairly produced as well as affordable. There's no better way to embrace La Dolce Vita – wherever you are.

How to style the Flabelus Friulane:

The Flabelus Friulane seems like a true summer hit but we just discovered it's versatility for our winter-work-at-home-wardrobe. Whether you combine the Friulane with a bohemian dress, a linen suit or your jogging pants, you will dwell in style. Wear it on the beach or on your couch. Dress it up or down. Make it yours. Hop over to their Instagram account for the ultimate style inspiration.