Behind the Scenes with Daisy Gin

A modern fairy-tale based on the love towards great gin

Once upon a time, when it was still possible to gather on your porch with friends and neighbours for a cold beer, a home-made long-drink and good conversations, some friends decided to create their very own gin. From their home-base, a sustainable farming community with nine families and nine accompanying wooden houses outside of Cologne, the two friends started experimenting with what they knew best: Organic and natural ingredients from controlled biological cultivation were mixed with high-quality herbs coming from biological plantations and uncultivated nature. The three intended months of experimentation and creation extended into full 14, but the results are worth it. What we now know as Daisy Gin contains seven botanicals, like the goji berry for a deep and exotic fruiting body, orange and nutmeg blossoms, as well as the core element, the daisy which grounds the flavour. The organic London dry gin is made by hand and produced in a regional family company. The process of distillation is energy- and CO2-neutral and its wastelands in a biogas facility. The idea to produce a life-long supply of gin from friends for friends went out the wooden window when their gin simply became too good. The 200 bottles that were supposed to last forever were gone within one month when every friend and soon a lot of professionals wanted to get a culinary share. Now, we can find Daisy Gin not only in and around Cologne but in selected shops all over the world, now even in Hong Kong. What started as the beginning of a modern fairy-tale developed into an international story of success and savour.