Behind the Scenes with Bullenberg

Berlin's Exclusive Furniture Label

Imagine the place where Red Riding Hood, the Seven Dwarfs, and Fairy Godmother were having a Get-Together. This is what the forest of the von Alvensleben family in Saxony-Anhalt looks like and where Bullenberg gets both – resource and inspiration – for their furniture. The fairy tale began in 2013 when the architect Albrecht von Alvensleben helped a friend, who was looking for a solid oak tabletop for his residence in Berlin Kreuzberg. Albrecht suggested supplying his friend with some oak from the very own family forest. While working on the project, they discovered their passion for the art of interior design.

The architect founded the hippest furniture label you will find in Berlin today. But why can you find the popular brand in fancy restaurants or your second cousin's living room? Because Bullenberg pursues the aim to create high-quality products from strong craftmanship. They abandon standardized procedures and mass productions. Instead, Albrecht goes back to the roots (literally!) and generates only on request.

The perfect combination of inspiring city vibes and the charming countryside is embedded in Bullenberg's designs. Today, individuality is the be-all and end-all of Berlins society.

The ARX table, Bullenbergs firstborn and top seller, mirrors that – the model is simple at first glance but looking closer excitingly detailed. For months the table is individually optimized. The angles and proportions are adjusted and colours are selected to create the perfect piece. Therefore, the customer's participation is an obligatory part of the Bullenbergs designer concept. You can select the size of your table and choose one of the sixteen perfectly elected colours to flatter the shades of the oak wood.

Furthermore, the design doesn’t lack the aspect of nature.
The table consists of oak planks from a single tree. A smooth surface is formed of three to four solid planks. The oiled wood's natural scent convinces you to stand in the Alvensleben forest. The legs and the powder-coated frame are painted in an individual powerful color.
For every oak that is cut down, 300 to 400 seedings will be planted, which proves the importance for sustainable forest management.
We love that Bullenberg perfectly matches the quest of our generation for individuality, sustainability, and coolness. And we hope they will manufacture furniture happily ever after.